featured - WWE 2K23 Roster: List of All Superstars, Legends, and DLC Characters

WWE 2K23 Roster: List of All Superstars, Legends, and DLC Characters

Last Updated : 2023-08-30

Wrestling is a special mix of sports and entertainment that many people love. Video games, like WWE 2K23, try to capture the excitement of wrestling. In this game, there are famous wrestlers, old legends, and even new characters you can add. This article looks closely at the WWE 2K23 roster, talking about all the different characters you can play with.

A Glimpse into the WWE 2K Series

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of WWE 2K23's character list, it's important to look back at how WWE video games have evolved. These games have come a long way, from simple 2D graphics to realistic 3D models that look just like the real wrestlers. People love WWE 2K games because they let you get into the action, customize your experience, and most importantly, play with a bunch of different characters.

Now, WWE 2K23 is here, and it's carrying on the tradition of great wrestling games. The roster of wrestlers is always a big deal for fans because it determines which superstars, legends, and surprises you can use in the game. It's what gets everyone excited to play!

The Core WWE 2K23 Roster

Now, we'll start our adventure into the world of WWE 2K23 by checking out the main roster. These are the superstars you can play with right from the start, and they're all set to jump into different matches and game modes.

RAW Superstars

  1. Bobby Lashley - The reigning WWE Champion, renowned for his overwhelming presence and MMA-inspired combat style.
  2. Drew McIntyre - The Scottish Warrior, a former WWE Champion known for his devastating Claymore Kick.
  3. Randy Orton - The Viper, a master tactician famed for his cunning and the RKO finisher.
  4. Charlotte Flair - A record-breaking Women's Champion and one of the most dominant female wrestlers in WWE history.
  5. Becky Lynch - The Man, a cultural phenomenon and former RAW Women's Champion.
  6. AJ Styles - The Phenomenal One, celebrated for his aerial maneuvers and the Styles Clash.
  7. Nia Jax - An imposing force in the women's division, known for her unparalleled strength.
  8. Keith Lee - The Limitless One, dazzling audiences with his extraordinary athleticism and agility.
  9. Rhea Ripley - The Nightmare, a rising star in the women's division with a vicious Riptide finisher.
  10. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E) - Former Tag Team and Intercontinental Champions, adored for their charisma and seamless teamwork.
  11. Sheamus - The Celtic Warrior, a rugged brawler whose Brogue Kick spells doom for opponents.
  12. Asuka - The Empress of Tomorrow, a Japanese sensation armed with the lethal Asuka Lock submission.

Below Are The complete list of all RAW Rosters.

SmackDown Superstars

  1. Roman Reigns - The Tribal Chief and Universal Champion, an indomitable force known for his dominance and the Spear.
  2. Seth Rollins - The Messiah, a charismatic strategist celebrated for his Curb Stomp finisher.
  3. Bianca Belair - The EST of WWE, a powerhouse and athletic Women's Champion.
  4. Edge - The Rated-R Superstar, a legendary figure armed with a devastating Spear and the Edgecution.
  5. Bayley - A former SmackDown Women's Champion with a ruthless streak.
  6. Rey Mysterio - The Master of the 619, a luchador extraordinaire.
  7. Sami Zayn - The Underdog from the Underground, celebrated for his unyielding resilience.
  8. Sasha Banks - The Boss, a fan-favorite and multi-time Women's Champion.
  9. King Nakamura (Shinsuke Nakamura) - A charismatic superstar renowned for his strong style.
  10. Cesaro - The Swiss Superman, a powerhouse celebrated for the Cesaro Swing.
  11. Bobby Roode - The Glorious One, known for his technical wrestling prowess.
  12. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) - A dynamic tag team combining high-flying agility with devastating power moves.

Below are the complete list of all Smackdown rosters.

NXT Superstars

  1. Bron Breakker - A promising NXT talent known for his astonishing power and agility.
  2. Io Shirai - A high-flying Japanese sensation wreaking havoc in the women's division.
  3. Walter - The Ring General, a hard-hitting juggernaut celebrated for his uncompromising style.
  4. Raquel González - The dominant NXT Women's Champion, a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Tommaso Ciampa - The Blackheart, an intense competitor known for his ruthless demeanor.

Here are the complete list of NXT rosters.


  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Texas Rattlesnake, an icon famed for his rebellious spirit and the Stone Cold Stunner.
  2. The Rock - The Great One, a Hollywood superstar and one of the most significant legends in WWE history.
  3. Hulk Hogan - The Immortal, a wrestling icon celebrated for his charisma and the devastating leg drop finisher.
  4. Ric Flair - The Nature Boy, a 16-time world champion renowned for his signature Figure-Four Leglock.
  5. Undertaker - The Deadman, an eerie and supernatural presence known for the Tombstone Piledriver finisher.
  6. Mick Foley - The Hardcore Legend, known for his multiple personas, including Cactus Jack and Mankind.
  7. Eddie Guerrero - A beloved and charismatic wrestler celebrated for his "Lie, Cheat, Steal" philosophy.
  8. Shawn Michaels - The Heartbreak Kid, a charismatic showstopper armed with Sweet Chin Music.
  9. Trish Stratus - A legendary women's wrestler known for her Stratusfaction finisher.
  10. Lita - Another iconic women's wrestler celebrated for her high-flying prowess.
  11. Kurt Angle - An Olympic Gold Medalist and a technical wrestling master.
  12. Booker T - The five-time WCW Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, celebrated for his charismatic personality.

Here Are The List Of all Legends.

Image Credits: thesmackdownhotel.com

NXT Legends

  1. Finn Bálor - The Demon King, a charismatic high-flyer.
  2. Karrion Kross - A dominant force known for his intensity and the devastating Doomsday Saito.

The Thrilling DLC Prospects

One of the most exciting elements of WWE 2K games is the introduction of DLC characters after the game's initial launch. These additions not only expand the roster but also provide fresh faces for players to explore. 

DLC Pack 1: Steiner Row Pack

Release Date: April 19, 2023

DLC Pack 2: Pretty Sweet Pack

Release Date: May 17, 2023

DLC Pack 3: Race to NXT Pack

Release Date: June 14, 2023

DLC Pack 4: Revel with Wyatt Pack

Release Date: July 19, 2023

DLC Pack 5: Bad News U Pack

Release Date: August 16, 2023

In Conclusion

WWE 2K23 is going to be an amazing wrestling game that has a bunch of wrestlers from the past, present, and future. You can play with today's champions like Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley, or you can pick legendary wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. And guess what? There are even more wrestlers you can add later with DLC!

Whether you're a big WWE fan or just starting to get into wrestling, WWE 2K23 is going to be a game you'll love. You can create your dream wrestling matches, and it's going to be so much fun! Get ready to jump into the virtual wrestling ring and have a blast with WWE 2K23!

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