featured - Rare Items and Collectibles in Township: Building a Unique and Prosperous Town

Rare Items and Collectibles in Township: Building a Unique and Prosperous Town

Last Updated : 2023-08-30

Hello, future mayors and town builders! If you're here, you're probably already exploring the exciting world of Township. But have you ever wondered about those rare items and collectibles that can make your town truly special? In this in-depth guide, we're going to dive deep into the world of rare items and collectibles in Township. Don't worry; we'll keep it simple and fun, just like building your dream town!

What Are Rare Items and Collectibles?

Before we start our treasure hunt, let's understand what rare items and collectibles are in Township. These are special items that can help you in various ways, from expanding your town to completing orders and even decorating your town to make it unique. Think of them as the shiny gems in your treasure chest of Township adventures!

Where to Find Rare Items and Collectibles

Crops and Trees

Sometimes, when you harvest crops or collect goods from your trees, you might find rare items. Keep an eye out for them when you're gathering your farm products.


In the mine, you can find rare ores and gems that are super valuable. Send your mine workers on expeditions to unearth these treasures.

Helicopter Pad

The helicopter pad is a magical place where you can receive orders from the townspeople. Completing these orders might earn you rare items and special rewards.


As your zoo grows, you'll have the chance to get rare items by taking care of your animals and completing zoo orders. Make your zoo a fantastic place, and you'll be rewarded!


Joining a regatta and winning tasks can lead to some exciting rewards, including rare items and collectibles. Team up with other players for even more fun.

Types of Rare Items and Collectibles

Now that you know where to find them, let's explore some of the exciting rare items and collectibles in Township:

Building Materials

These are essential for expanding and upgrading your town. You'll need things like bricks, glass, and planks to build new structures and make your town bigger and better.


Decorative items like fountains, sculptures, and flags can make your town look stunning. They don't just make your town beautiful; they also keep your townspeople happy!

Expansion Items

As your town grows, you'll need special items like land deeds and expansion permits to unlock new areas. These are rare and valuable.

Zoo Cards

These cards are needed to invite new animals to your zoo. The more animals you have, the more rewards and rare items you can collect.

Factory Goods

To produce goods in your factories, you'll need items like sugar, cream, and spices. These can be rare, but they are crucial for creating valuable products.

Tips for Collecting Rare Items

Now that you know what to look for, here are some tips to help you become a rare item and collectible pro:

Frequent Harvesting

Keep harvesting your crops and collecting from trees and animals. The more you do this, the higher your chances of finding rare items.

Optimize Your Mine

Make sure your mine is working efficiently. Upgrade it to find rare ores and gems more often.

Complete Helicopter Orders

Keep an eye on the helicopter pad and complete orders promptly. You might get rare items as rewards.

Care for Your Zoo

Take good care of your zoo animals and complete zoo orders to earn zoo cards and other rewards.

Participate in Regattas

Join a regatta team and work together to win tasks and earn rare items. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Using Rare Items Wisely

Now that you've gathered those rare items and collectibles, it's time to put them to good use:

Expand Your Town

Use expansion items to unlock new areas in your town. This allows you to build more factories, houses, and decorations.

Decorate Creatively

Place decorative items strategically to make your town unique. It's your canvas, so let your creativity flow!

Complete Orders

Rare items are often required to complete orders. Fulfilling orders not only earns you rewards but also helps your town grow.

Upgrade Your Zoo

Invest in your zoo by using zoo cards to invite new animals. A thriving zoo brings in more visitors and rewards.

Boost Factory Production

Factory goods are essential for crafting valuable products. Use rare ingredients to produce high-demand items and earn more coins.

Trading for Rare Items

Sometimes, you might have items you don't need but are desperately looking for others. This is where trading comes in handy. You can trade items with your friends or other players to complete your collection of rare items and collectibles.


Congratulations, young mayors and town builders! You've learned the secrets of rare items and collectibles in Township. Now, it's time to go out there and explore, harvest, mine, and complete orders to build the most extraordinary and prosperous town ever!

Remember, Township is not just about collecting rare items; it's also about having fun, making friends, and creating the town of your dreams. So, put on your mayor's hat, grab your shovel, and get ready for a Township adventure like no other!

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