featured - Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks: Elevate Your Game with These Simple Strategies

Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks: Elevate Your Game with These Simple Strategies

Last Updated : 2023-08-31

Pokémon GO is all about the thrill of discovery and adventure. You get to roam the real world, capturing Pokémon, stocking up at Poke Stops, and battling at Gyms. But to truly excel in this game, there's more to learn than just the basics. Here, we break down some easy-to-follow tips and tricks that will elevate your Pokémon GO gameplay and help you become a Pokémon pro.

20 Pro Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Go

Hatch Your Eggs and Use Incubators Wisely

Eggs are like treasure chests waiting to be unlocked. You can collect them from Poke Stops or receive them as gifts. Once you've obtained an egg, you'll need to place it in an incubator and cover a specific distance (2km, 5km, 7km, or 10km) to hatch it. Here's a smart strategy for making the most of your incubators:

  • Collect eggs from Poke Stops or gifts.
  • Place them in an incubator and walk the required distance (2km, 5km, 7km, or 10km) to hatch them.
  • Reserve 3x incubators for 10km eggs and use the infinite incubator for 2km eggs. This way, you'll maximize your incubator use.
  • Keep an eye out for special events where egg hatching distances are reduced, offering better rewards for longer distances.

Keep an eye out for special events that temporarily reduce egg hatching distances, allowing you to hatch more eggs with less effort.

Prioritize Building XP Before Powering Up Pokemon

Your Trainer's proficiency is determined by the XP you accumulate. As you advance in levels, you'll encounter more potent Pokémon. Saving your power-ups for later, typically around level 20 or higher, is advisable. This way, you'll enhance Pokémon that are already at a substantial level. Here are some tips to swiftly amass XP:

  • Your Trainer's skill level is determined by your XP.
  • Save power-ups for Pokemon until you reach a higher XP level (e.g., above level 20).
  • Quick ways to build XP include using Lucky Eggs while actively playing, evolving base Pokemon with excess candies, catching every Pokemon you encounter, and battling friends at Gyms for XP.

Build a Strong Pokemon Collection and Manage Your Bag

Managing your Pokémon collection efficiently is essential. There are two main categories to consider:

  • Distinguish between your Bag, where you keep available Pokemon, and your Pokedex, which lists all caught and seen Pokemon.
  • Focus on building a powerful team for Gym and Raid battles rather than collecting every type.
  • Hang on to Pokemon that need special items to evolve.
  • Keep an eye out for special edition characters like seasonal Pikachu, which can evolve into special Raichu.

You don't need to carry every Pokémon in your Bag. The Pokedex serves as a record of the Pokémon you've encountered, so it's unnecessary to hoard duplicates. Instead, focus on building a strong team for Gym and Raid battles. You'll need high-powered Pokémon for these challenges. Concentrate on those that excel in combat, such as Gengar, Blissey, and Vaporeon. Don't forget to keep Pokémon that require evolution and those that need special items for evolving.

Additionally, keep an eye out for special edition Pokémon like seasonal Pikachus. These can evolve into unique Raichus, making them valuable assets for Gym battles.

Transfer Pokémon for Candies

To optimize your Pokémon collection, take advantage of the Transfer feature. This allows you to trade in unwanted Pokémon to Professor Willow in exchange for candies of that specific Pokémon type. For example, if you have numerous Rattata, consider transferring some to gain more candies that can be used to power up a Raticate. Since you have a limited number of Pokémon you can carry, it's wise to keep a strong and efficient team.

  • Transfer duplicate or weak Pokemon to the professor in exchange for candies.
  • Use these candies to power up or evolve the Pokemon that will be most effective in battles.

Check & Investigate Pokemon Evolution Paths

Before investing candies in powering up or evolving a Pokémon, consult your Pokedex to explore its evolution path. It's crucial to determine whether it's worth evolving a base Pokémon into a mid-tier one or saving candies for the final evolution. For instance, if you have many Pidgeys and a few Pidgeottos, it's more beneficial to save candies until you can evolve a Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot, as it typically requires more candies and yields a more powerful Pokémon.

  • Consult the Pokedex to understand a Pokemon's evolution path before using candies to evolve or power it up.
  • Prioritize evolving Pokemon into their final forms for greater effectiveness in battles.

Moreover, be vigilant about new evolution possibilities. As the game expands and introduces new regions, some Pokémon might obtain additional evolution stages. For example, with the introduction of the Sinnoh region, new evolutionary paths became accessible, requiring items like the Sinnoh Stone. Consequently, previously overlooked Pokémon may have newfound potential, so always revisit your collection.

Efficient Use of Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs are precious items that double the XP you earn for 30 minutes. To make the most of them, use them during high-XP-earning activities. Save your Lucky Eggs for specific scenarios, such as when you're in a location with numerous Poké Stops, Gyms, or a cluster of Pokémon to catch. This way, you can maximize the XP boost and advance your Trainer level faster.

  • Save Lucky Eggs for moments when you can maximize XP gain, such as during busy Pokemon-catching sessions or Gym battles.

Turn Off Augmented Reality (AR) Mode

While AR mode adds an immersive element to the game, it has its drawbacks, including increased battery consumption and a more challenging catching experience. For a smoother and more battery-efficient gameplay, deactivate AR mode. By doing so, you'll find it easier to capture Pokémon because the in-game environment remains consistent. This adjustment can also extend your device's battery life, ensuring you can play for longer periods without recharging.

Mastering Poké Stops

Poké Stops are invaluable sources of items and supplies. When visiting a Poké Stop, you don't need to tap on each item individually to claim them. Simply tap the "X" at the bottom of the screen to close the Poké Stop, and all your rewards will be automatically collected. Furthermore, Poké Stops have a cooldown period. If you're in an area with multiple Poké Stops, you can revisit the same Stop after a brief interval to obtain more items.

  • When spinning a Poke Stop, tap the X at the bottom to claim your rewards quickly.
  • You can revisit a Poke Stop every few minutes, making it an efficient way to gather items.

Conquer Gyms for Coins

Gyms are the pinnacle of Pokémon GO and the primary source of Coins, the in-game currency. To make the most of Gyms:

  • Gyms are essential for earning Coins. Battle and conquer Gyms for your team.
  • Leave strong Pokemon to defend Gyms, as the longer they remain, the more Coins you earn.
  • Keep in mind that Pokémon placed in remote Gyms with low traffic may not generate as many Coins.

Raid Battles: Choose Wisely

When engaging in Raid Battles, assess the strength of the Raid Boss before starting. Battling an overwhelmingly powerful opponent with low-level Pokémon can be disheartening. It's more productive to challenge opponents you can feasibly defeat. While you might not secure victory, you'll still make progress and earn valuable experience.

  • Select Raid Battles that match your Pokemon's strength to avoid losing battles.
  • Battling Gyms allows you to wear down stronger opponents gradually, offering a chance to make progress.

Buddy System for Candy

Certain Pokémon are rare and infrequently encountered. By selecting one of these rare Pokémon as your buddy, you can gradually accumulate candies while walking. However, remember that different Pokémon require varying distances to earn candies.

Efficient Use of Premium Berries

Golden Razz Berries and Silver Pinap Berries are exceptional items. They're highly effective for capturing elusive Pokémon or obtaining extra candies upon capture. Moreover, Golden Razz Berries can be used to feed Gym Pokémon, replenishing their motivation and making them harder to defeat. This can be particularly advantageous if you want to maintain control of a Gym.

  • These berries are highly effective for capturing elusive Pokemon.
  • You can also use Golden Razz Berries to keep your Gym defenders in top shape, which is crucial for maintaining control of Gyms.

Familiarize Yourself with Pokémon Types

Understanding type advantages is fundamental in Pokémon battles. Certain types excel against others, and this principle applies in Pokémon GO. Additionally, weather conditions can boost specific types during battles. Familiarize yourself with the basic type matchups to gain the upper hand:

Restart the App If You Got Stuck

Pokémon GO can occasionally encounter glitches or slowdowns. If you notice the app isn't responsive or encounters connectivity issues, try closing and restarting it. This quick action can save battery life and prevent unnecessary delays.

Explore Far and Wide; Embrace Special Events

Diversify your Pokémon collection by exploring different areas. While your hometown may predominantly feature certain Pokémon types, traveling to new places can expose you to a wider variety. Consider taking detours, walking extra distances, or visiting family and friends in different locations to encounter new Pokémon, find more Gyms to conquer, and participate in special events.

  • Exploring new areas can help you encounter different types of Pokemon.
  • Special events introduce rare or region-specific Pokemon, so keep an eye on in-game announcements.

Pokémon GO frequently hosts special events that introduce unique or region-specific Pokémon. To stay informed, regularly check the in-game news section for announcements.

Master Battery Saver Mode

Pokémon GO can be demanding on your device's battery. Utilize the built-in Battery Saver Mode, which allows the screen to turn off when your phone is upside down. This conserves battery while still tracking your walking distance and notifying you of nearby Pokémon. Note that this feature requires a phone with an accelerometer, which may not be available on entry-level Android devices.

Maximize Field and Special Research

Research tasks add an extra layer of gameplay and offer diverse challenges. Completing Field Research tasks, obtained from Poke Stops, can yield rewards and encounters with unique Pokémon. Here are some tips for efficient research management:

  • Field Research tasks can be challenging, so feel free to delete tasks you find difficult.
  • Claim research rewards strategically, especially if new Pokemon types become available.
  • Hold off on claiming your final research reward if you suspect new Pokémon types are about to be introduced.

Use Adventure Sync

Adventure Sync is a valuable feature that syncs your phone's step counter with Pokémon GO, eliminating the need to keep the app open continuously. With this feature enabled, you can hatch eggs more effortlessly and accumulate distance progress even when the game is in the background.

  • Enable Adventure Sync in the settings menu to count steps and hatch eggs even when the app is closed.

Favorite Pokemon for Easy Evolution Tracking

With the expanding world of Pokémon GO, it can be challenging to track which Pokémon you still need to evolve. Use the favorite function to mark Pokémon you're planning to evolve. This simplifies the process of selecting your next buddy for evolution.

Raid Remotely with Passes

Thanks to Remote Raid Passes introduced during lockdowns, you can now participate in Raid Battles from afar. Keep an eye out for these remote raids, as they often feature rare Pokémon that could be valuable additions to your collection.

Embrace Battles for Bountiful Rewards

While Pokémon GO initially focused on exploration and Pokémon discovery, the introduction of Battles added a new layer of excitement to the game. Engaging in battles not only offers rewards but also presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your position within the game. The best part is that you don't need to be out and about to participate in battles, making it a versatile aspect of gameplay.

By following these straightforward tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to mastering Pokémon GO. So, grab your smartphone, embark on your Pokémon journey, and aim to become a true Pokémon GO champion!

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