featured - 12 Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks for More Wins

12 Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks for More Wins

Last Updated : 2023-09-08

Hello there, Marvel fans! If you're here, it means you're playing Marvel Contest of Champions or planning to dive into this action-packed game soon. Either way, you're in for a treat! In this article, we will go through 12 simple yet powerful tips and tricks that will help you become a Marvel Contest of Champions superstar. Let's jump right in!

12 Best Tips And Tricks For Marvel Contest Of Champions

Tip 1: Start Strong with a Good Team

Choose Balanced Heroes

Picking your starting team is super important. Go for a mix of heroes—some who are strong in attack and others who excel in defense. This will give you a balanced team that can handle different challenges.

Know Your Hero Classes

Heroes come in different classes like Mutant, Skill, Science, Mystic, Cosmic, and Tech. Knowing the class advantages can help you pick a better team. For example, Skill champions are strong against Mutant champions but weak against Science champions.

Tip 2: Master Basic Moves First

Light and Heavy Attacks

Learn the difference between light and heavy attacks. Light attacks are quick but less damaging, while heavy attacks are slow but pack a punch.

Blocking and Dodging

Don't forget to block and dodge. Swiping left helps you dodge, and tapping the screen with two fingers helps you block. Use these moves to avoid getting hit.

Combo Attacks

Once you're comfortable with light and heavy attacks, try chaining them together to perform combo moves. Combo attacks can deal a lot of damage and often leave your opponent with fewer opportunities to counter-attack.

Timing is Everything

Good timing can make or break your defense. Practice your blocks and dodges to perfection. The better your timing, the less damage you'll take.

Tip 3: Upgrade Wisely

Use ISO-8 and Gold

You'll get ISO-8 and Gold as you play. Use these to upgrade your champions. But be smart! Upgrade your best heroes first, not all of them.

Save Units for Masteries

Units are the premium currency in the game. Don't waste them! Save units to unlock Masteries, which are special skills that give your heroes an extra edge.

Rank Up vs. Level Up

There are two ways to upgrade a hero: ranking up and leveling up. Leveling up is easier but provides smaller stat boosts. Ranking up requires special catalysts but provides a huge boost to your hero's abilities.

Special Upgrades

Some heroes have special upgrades that are unique to them. Make sure to check each hero's information to know if they have any unique upgrade paths.

Tip 4: Know Your Opponent

Check PI (Power Index)

Before any fight, look at your opponent’s PI, or Power Index. A higher PI usually means a stronger enemy. Be careful!

Look for Weaknesses

Check if your opponent has any class weaknesses. If yes, use a hero that can exploit this weakness.

Opponent's Special Moves

Before you go into battle, you can see which special moves your opponent has. Use this info to prepare your strategy.

Use Scouting Reports

Some game modes allow you to scout the enemy team before choosing your team. Take advantage of this to select the best heroes for each fight.

Tip 5: Complete Daily Quests

Earn Rewards

Daily quests offer a lot of useful stuff like ISO-8, Gold, and even new champions. Make sure you complete them every day.

Event Quests

Apart from daily quests, there are also event quests that change every month. These quests usually offer much better rewards and are a good way to earn powerful items and heroes.

Use Boosts

Sometimes you'll receive boosts that can temporarily enhance your champions. Use these wisely to complete difficult quests more easily.

Tip 6: Learn Special Moves

Use SP1 and SP2 Moves

Special moves, or SP1 and SP2, are powerful attacks. Save them for the right moment, usually when your enemy is weak or stunned.

Avoid SP3

SP3 moves are the strongest, but they also use up all your power. Be cautious when using them; make sure it’s worth it!

Special Move Rotation

Instead of using the same special move repeatedly, learn to rotate between SP1, SP2, and SP3 to keep your opponent guessing.

Special Move Interrupts

Some special moves have the ability to interrupt enemy attacks. Learning these can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Tip 7: Connect with Friends

Daily Help

When you're part of an Alliance, you can ask for and give help every day. Doing this can earn you loyalty points, which can be very useful.

Alliance Wars

Once you're in an Alliance, you can participate in Alliance Wars, a PvP mode where your entire Alliance works together to defeat another Alliance.

Tip 8: Replay Previous Levels

Master Difficulty

After completing a quest on Normal or Heroic difficulty, try to complete it on Master difficulty for even better rewards.

Special Objectives

Some quests have special objectives that can earn you extra rewards. Try to complete these when replaying levels.

Tip 9: Manage Your Inventory

Sell Unwanted Items

If you have too many health potions or revives, you can sell them for Gold.

Prioritize Important Items

Keep an eye on important items like crystals that can summon new champions. Don’t waste them!

Storage Limits

Your inventory has a limit, so always make sure to use or sell items before they expire.

Item Sorting

You can sort items in your inventory by time left to expire or by rarity. This helps in deciding which items to use or sell first.

Tip 10: Check In Every Day

Streak Rewards

Some rewards get better if you log in multiple days in a row. Try to keep your login streak going for maximum benefits.

Special Calendar Rewards

Apart from the regular daily login rewards, there are special calendars that offer better rewards. Keep an eye out for these.

Tip 11: Watch and Learn

Participate in Forums and Communities

Join Marvel Contest of Champions forums or Discord channels to learn from other players and share your own tips and tricks.

Follow Updates

The game often updates with new features and heroes. Keep an eye on patch notes to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Tip 12: Have Fun!

Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

If you’re on a losing streak, it's okay. Take a break and come back stronger.

Celebrate Your Wins

When you win, celebrate! Whether it's a hard-fought battle or a total sweep, each victory is a step towards becoming a Marvel Contest of Champions master.


So there you go—a detailed set of tips and tricks to help you climb the ranks in Marvel Contest of Champions. As you can see, becoming a true champion is about more than just fast fingers; it’s about being smart, making strategic choices, and most importantly, having fun. Now go assemble your dream Marvel team and conquer the Contest of Champions!

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