featured - Marvel Contest of Champions: Top 10 Best 5-Star Heroes

Marvel Contest of Champions: Top 10 Best 5-Star Heroes

Last Updated : 2023-08-30

Marvel Contest of Champions is an action-packed mobile game that allows players to assemble and fight with a vast roster of Marvel heroes and villains. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the acquisition of 5-star heroes, who bring exceptional abilities and powers to your team. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 best 5-star heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions. We've kept things simple and easy to understand, presenting each character's characteristics in a tabular format.

The 10 Best 5 Star Heroes On Marvel Contest Of Champions

1. Hyperion

Class: Cosmic


  • Energy Projection: Hyperion can unleash devastating energy blasts, making him a powerhouse in terms of damage output.
  • Flight: His ability to fly gives him excellent mobility in battles.
  • Durability: Hyperion's cosmic nature grants him solid defensive capabilities.
  • Special Attack: Atomic Vision

Hyperion fires a concentrated beam of cosmic energy at his opponent, dealing massive damage.

Signature Ability: Cosmic Overcharge

As Hyperion takes damage, his cosmic power builds up, allowing him to unleash even more devastating attacks.

Hyperion is a versatile cosmic champion who can shine in various game modes. His energy projection abilities and flight make him an excellent choice for both offensive and defensive strategies.

2. Blade

Class: Skill


  • Regeneration: Blade has a natural regenerative ability, making him a tough contender in longer fights.
  • Bleed Immunity: He's immune to bleed effects, which is a significant advantage in many battles.
  • Danger Sense: Blade's danger sense helps him evade opponent's attacks more effectively.
  • Special Attack: The Sword of Doom

Blade uses his sword to unleash a series of powerful strikes, dealing damage and applying debuffs to his opponent.

Signature Ability: Immortality

When Blade is on the brink of defeat, his immortality kicks in, giving him a chance to turn the tide of battle.

Blade is a skillful and survivable champion, making him a top choice for taking on tough opponents, particularly those with mystic abilities.

3. Ghost Rider

Class: Mystic


  • Incinerate: Ghost Rider can burn opponents with hellfire, causing damage over time.
  • Fate Seal: His fate seal ability prevents opponents from gaining buffs.
  • Spirit of Vengeance: When Ghost Rider's health is low, he becomes even more powerful.
  • Special Attack: Penance Stare

Ghost Rider forces his opponent to confront their sins, dealing substantial damage based on their power meter.

Signature Ability: Pennance

When Ghost Rider defeats an opponent, he gains power, allowing him to launch special attacks more frequently.

Ghost Rider is a mystical powerhouse, ideal for taking on champions who rely heavily on buffs and for dealing continuous damage over time.

4. Medusa

Class: Cosmic


  • Armor Shattered: Medusa's attacks can shatter her opponent's armor, reducing their defensive capabilities.
  • Bleed Immunity: She's immune to bleed, making her more durable in battles.
  • Auto Block: Medusa can automatically block incoming attacks, adding to her survivability.
  • Special Attack: Ensnaring Strike

Medusa uses her hair to ensnare her opponent, dealing damage and reducing their defensive abilities.

Signature Ability: Living Strands

Medusa's signature ability enhances her auto-block and allows her to trigger more powerful abilities.

Medusa is a versatile cosmic champion with the ability to disrupt opponents and reduce their defenses, making her a solid choice in many matchups.

5. Stark Spider-Man

Class: Tech


  • Evade: Stark Spider-Man is known for his incredible evasive maneuvers, making him challenging to hit.
  • Web-Shooter: He can use web-shooters to control his opponent's power meter.
  • Armor Break: Stark Spider-Man's attacks can break through his opponent's armor.
  • Special Attack: Spider-Sense Attack

Stark Spider-Man's enhanced spider-sense allows him to unleash a rapid series of strikes on his opponent.

Signature Ability: Spider-Sense

Stark Spider-Man's signature ability further improves his evasion and allows him to evade even unblockable attacks.

Stark Spider-Man is an agile and evasive champion, ideal for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle. His ability to control his opponent's power meter also adds a strategic element to his gameplay.

6. Corvus Glaive

Class: Cosmic


  • Glaive Charges: Corvus Glaive can store Glaive Charges, which enhance his attacks and abilities.
  • True Strike: He has the ability to bypass his opponent's evade and auto-block abilities.
  • Immunity to Bleed: Corvus Glaive is immune to bleeding effects.
  • Special Attack: Death Blow

Corvus Glaive delivers a series of devastating blows with his glaive, dealing massive damage.

Signature Ability: Bloodletting

Corvus Glaive's signature ability allows him to convert his Glaive Charges into bonus damage.

Corvus Glaive is an offensive powerhouse, particularly against high-health opponents. His ability to bypass evade and auto-block effects gives him a unique advantage in battles.

7. Captain Marvel 

Class: Cosmic


  • Energy Absorption: Captain Marvel can absorb energy attacks, making her more resilient.
  • Binary Ignition: Her Binary Ignition ability enhances her energy-based attacks and durability.
  • Fury Buffs: Captain Marvel can gain fury buffs to increase her damage output.
  • Special Attack: Photon Fury

Captain Marvel releases a burst of photon energy, dealing substantial damage to her opponent.

Signature Ability: Cosmic Absorption

Captain Marvel's signature ability allows her to absorb energy from her opponent's attacks, gaining power in the process.

Captain Marvel is a cosmic juggernaut who excels in dealing energy-based damage. Her ability to absorb energy attacks makes her a formidable force in the contest.

8. Nick Fury

Class: Skill


  • Life Model Decoy: Nick Fury can call upon his Life Model Decoy to absorb damage for him.
  • Tactical Genius: He can gain tactical charges to enhance his abilities.
  • True Focus: Nick Fury's abilities improve as he loses health.
  • Special Attack: Secret Weapon

Nick Fury unleashes his secret weapon, dealing damage and applying tactical debuffs to his opponent.

Signature Ability: Focus

Nick Fury's signature ability boosts his critical hit rate, allowing him to deal even more damage.

Nick Fury is a skillful and strategic champion. His ability to call in his Life Model Decoy and gain tactical charges makes him a versatile addition to your team.

9. Domino

Class: Mutant


  • Probability Field: Domino's luck-based abilities can trigger random beneficial effects.
  • Critical Bleeds: Her attacks can cause critical bleeds, dealing additional damage over time.
  • Evade: Domino can evade incoming attacks more effectively.
  • Special Attack: Luck is a Skill

Domino uses her luck to her advantage, dealing unpredictable damage to her opponent.

Signature Ability: Unpredictable

Domino's signature ability enhances her luck-based effects, making her a wildcard in battles.

Domino is a fun and unpredictable champion to play. Her abilities can lead to surprising and advantageous outcomes in fights.

10. Omega Red

Class: Mutant


  • Death Field: Omega Red can drain his opponent's life force, dealing damage over time.
  • Carbonadium Tentacles: He uses carbonadium tentacles in his attacks, causing bleed damage.
  • Bleed: Omega Red's attacks can cause bleeding, adding to his damage output.
  • Special Attack: Death Field Strike

Omega Red delivers a powerful strike, draining his opponent's life force and dealing significant damage.

Signature Ability: Death Field

Omega Red's signature ability enhances his life-draining capabilities, making him a formidable opponent in longer fights.

Omega Red is a persistent and life-draining champion. His ability to drain the life force of his opponents makes him a solid choice for extended battles.


In Marvel Contest of Champions, the right champion choice can significantly impact your success. These 5-star heroes offer a range of abilities and strategic options, catering to various playstyles and challenges in the contest. Whether you prefer the raw power of cosmic champions like Hyperion or the tactical finesse of skill champions like Nick Fury, these top 10 5-star heroes can help you overcome formidable opponents and progress in the game. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to maximize your team's potential and enjoy your journey through the Marvel Contest of Champions!

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