featured - How to Make Dynamite In Gardenscapes? (Step By Step Instructions)

How to Make Dynamite In Gardenscapes? (Step By Step Instructions)

Last Updated : 2023-09-12

Welcome to the vibrant virtual world of Gardenscapes, where you get to unleash your gardening skills and creativity! As you progress through various levels, you'll come across exciting in-game items like dynamite, TNT, firecrackers, and the all-powerful rainbow blast.

These explosives can help you clear difficult obstacles and complete challenging tasks with flair. In this article, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to craft and use these explosive delights.

Crafting Dynamite

Dynamite is a powerful explosive in Gardenscapes that can blast away a group of adjacent elements. To craft dynamite, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Earn Toolbox

To begin crafting dynamite, you first need to earn the Toolbox power-up. The Toolbox can be obtained as a reward for completing specific levels or missions. Keep an eye on the game's objectives and special events to acquire this essential item.

Step 2: Collect Dynamite Materials

Once you have the Toolbox, it's time to gather the necessary materials to create dynamite. You'll typically need combinations of bricks, planks, or other in-game resources. These materials can be earned by completing levels or through special in-game events.

Step 3: Assemble Dynamite

Once you've collected the required materials, head to your in-game crafting station. Combine the materials according to the recipe provided, and voilà! You now have a dynamite ready to use.

Crafting TNT

TNT is another explosive tool in Gardenscapes that packs a more substantial punch than dynamite. It can clear a larger area of obstacles and make way for your gardening triumphs.

Step 1: Unlock TNT

To unlock the TNT crafting option, you need to reach a certain level or complete specific tasks. The game will notify you when the TNT crafting feature becomes available.

Step 2: Gather TNT Ingredients

Now that you have unlocked TNT crafting, it's time to collect the necessary ingredients. These could include components like gunpowder, fuses, or other thematic items, depending on the game's design.

Step 3: Craft TNT

Head to your crafting station and follow the provided recipe to assemble your TNT. Once you have crafted the explosive, you're all set to use it strategically in the game.

Crafting Firecrackers

Firecrackers add a spark of excitement to Gardenscapes, as they create mini-explosions that clear elements around them. Let's see how to craft these dazzling delights.

Step 1: Earn Firecracker Blueprint

To start crafting firecrackers, you must first obtain the blueprint. Complete certain levels or fulfill specific objectives to unlock the blueprint for this entertaining item.

Step 2: Gather Firecracker Components

With the blueprint in hand, you can now collect the necessary components to make firecrackers. Look out for items like gunpowder, paper casings, and other fun ingredients.

Step 3: Assemble Firecrackers

Once you've gathered all the components, head to the crafting station and follow the instructions on the blueprint to create your delightful firecrackers.

Using the Rainbow Blast

The Rainbow Blast is the most potent explosive in Gardenscapes, capable of removing all elements of a specific color from the board. To unlock this colorful explosion:

Step 1: Progress Through the Game

As you advance through the levels, the Rainbow Blast will be gradually unlocked as part of your power-up arsenal. Stay committed to your gardening journey to gain access to this game-changing explosive.

Step 2: Activate the Rainbow Blast

When the Rainbow Blast power-up becomes available, it will be automatically activated during certain levels or events. Enjoy the spectacular display of colors as it clears your board of one specific color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of explosives available in Gardenscapes?

In Gardenscapes, you can craft four types of explosives: dynamite, TNT, firecrackers, and the Rainbow Blast.

How do I unlock the ability to craft explosives in the game?

The crafting feature for each explosive is unlocked as you progress through the game by reaching specific levels or completing certain tasks.

Where can I find the crafting materials for dynamite, TNT, firecrackers, and Rainbow Blast?

Crafting materials can be obtained by completing levels, participating in special in-game events, or meeting specific objectives.

Are explosives necessary to complete levels in Gardenscapes?

While explosives can be helpful in clearing challenging levels, they are not always mandatory to progress in the game. Strategic gameplay and matching skills also play a crucial role in advancing through levels.

How do I access the crafting station to create explosives?

The crafting station can typically be found within the game's main menu or by navigating to specific areas designated for crafting.

Can I use explosives on any level or stage in the game?

Explosives can be used in most levels, but some levels may have restrictions on the use of certain power-ups, including explosives.

Do I need to spend real money to obtain crafting materials for explosives?

While some materials may be available for purchase using in-game currency, you can also earn crafting materials by playing the game regularly and participating in events.

Can I use the Rainbow Blast to clear any color on the board?

Yes, the Rainbow Blast is designed to clear all elements of a specific color from the board, making it a powerful tool for strategic gameplay.

Can I combine different types of explosives for more significant effects?

As of the latest version of Gardenscapes, it is not possible to combine different types of explosives. Each explosive has its unique characteristics and effects.

Are explosives available in the game indefinitely, or do they have a limited number of uses?

Explosives can be crafted and used multiple times in the game. They do not have a limited number of uses, so you can utilize them strategically throughout your gardening journey.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to craft and use dynamite, TNT, firecrackers, and the awe-inspiring Rainbow Blast in Gardenscapes. Remember to use these explosives strategically to overcome challenging levels and obstacles in your gardening adventure. Happy gardening and detonating! For More Game Guides And Tips Visit progamerewards.

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