featured - How to Get Korblox and Headless in Brookhaven RP (Guide)

How to Get Korblox and Headless in Brookhaven RP (Guide)

Last Updated : 2023-09-03

Have you ever come across an imposing skeletal warrior named Korblox or a mysterious headless figure in the virtual world of Brookhaven RP? If you're intrigued about how to obtain these distinctive avatars or are searching for Korblox and Headless hangout codes, look no further! This guide is here to elevate your gaming experience by unraveling the secrets behind acquiring Korblox and Headless in Brookhaven RP.

Discovering Korblox and Headless in Brookhaven RP

In the realm of Brookhaven RP, Korblox and Headless avatars are more than just cosmetic enhancements; they're a means to make a lasting impression.

Korblox: A Symbol of Strength

Korblox, a mythical warrior race in Brookhaven RP, embodies power and fierceness. Clad in skeletal armor with bony limbs and a menacing expression, Korblox is a symbol of valor, allowing players to command respect and assert dominance. It serves as a declaration that says, "I'm here, and I'm powerful." Obtaining Korblox can influence how other players perceive you.

Headless: Mysterious and Spooky

Headless, on the other hand, takes a different approach. This eerie and enigmatic avatar is perfect for Halloween fun. However, there's a twist - there's no straightforward way to acquire Headless from the Brookhaven shop. Instead, players can create a headless appearance by purchasing characters like the Headless Horseman or Headless Lumberjack, which are typically available only during Halloween seasons. Crafting the headless look requires creativity and the right accessories, resulting in a spooky effect that's bound to turn heads. It's a sought-after avatar, making it a unique statement during the Halloween season.

Obtaining Korblox in Brookhaven RP

Getting your hands on the Korblox avatar in Brookhaven RP is not a cakewalk. The game does not support code redemption, so what options are left? Let's explore some alternative methods:

Idea 1: Win Giveaways and Promotions

Seek Opportunities: Keep an eye on YouTube channels or community groups that may conduct Korblox giveaways or offer free Robux.

Get Involved: Show support by liking videos, subscribing, leaving comments, and adhering to contest rules.

Stay Informed: Pay close attention to giveaway dates and details, ensuring you don't miss any winner announcements.

Idea 2: Trade with Friends

Roblox's trading feature can also be a useful tool to acquire rare items like Korblox and Headless in Brookhaven RP.

Join Groups: Become a part of Roblox groups, communities, or forums to connect with potential traders.

Consult Friends: Consider trading with friends, offering Robux or rare items in exchange. Be cautious of potential scammers and prioritize safe trading practices.

Steps to Achieve the Headless Look in Brookhaven RP

Do you aspire to turn heads with a headless appearance in Brookhaven RP? It's more achievable than it may seem:

Step 1: Access the Avatar Customization Menu

Open the avatar customization menu within Brookhaven RP.

Step 2: Purchase a "Universal Void Head"

Obtain a "Universal Void Head," opting for the black variant, which typically costs 50 Robux.

Step 3: Pair with Black Colored Hair

Enhance the headless effect by pairing the Universal Void Head with black-colored hair.

Step 4: Experiment with Combinations

Experiment with different combinations of accessories and clothing to fine-tune your desired headless look.

Step 5: Save and Apply

Once satisfied with your customized avatar, save and apply the changes to your profile.


Embracing the unique personas of Korblox and Headless can transform your Brookhaven RP adventures. Whether you opt for the strength and dominance of Korblox or the enigmatic allure of Headless, these avatars represent more than just aesthetic choices—they reveal your identity as a player. Dive into this journey, express your style, and breathe life into your in-game character. The world of Brookhaven eagerly awaits your arrival, ready to embrace your newfound avatar identity.

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