featured - How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale In 2023 (Methods)

How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale In 2023 (Methods)

Last Updated : 2023-09-13

Welcome to the vibrant world of Clash Royale! As you embark on epic battles and strategize to become the ultimate champion, you'll discover the importance of gems, Clash Royale's precious currency. These glittering gems hold the key to unlocking powerful cards, speeding up chest unlocks, and accessing exclusive offers. While purchasing gems is an option, we understand that not everyone may want to splurge. Fear not, fellow Clashers! In this friendly guide, we'll show you how to obtain free gems in Clash Royale, making your journey through the arenas even more thrilling!

Understanding the Importance of Gems in Clash Royale

Gems are like magical treasures that grant you incredible opportunities in the game. Let's explore why these sparkling gems are so valuable:

Speeding Up Chest Unlocking: By using gems, players can instantly unlock chests, saving valuable time and ensuring a steady stream of cards and rewards.

Purchasing Special Offers: Clash Royale frequently presents players with limited-time offers that can significantly boost their progress. Gems are often used to access these special deals and obtain rare cards, emotes, or other exclusive content.

Starting Tournaments and Challenges: To participate in special events and challenges, gems may be required as an entry fee. By doing so, players can compete for substantial rewards and test their skills against formidable opponents.

Purchasing Gold and Cards: Gems can be exchanged for gold or used to buy cards directly from the shop, enabling players to upgrade their favorite cards and build stronger decks.

Clash Royale Gems Prices

Before delving into methods of obtaining free gems, it's crucial to understand the gem pricing system in Clash Royale. The in-app purchases for gems are typically structured as follows:

  • Small Gem Packs: These packs usually range from 80 to 500 gems and are ideal for players looking for a quick boost.
  • Medium Gem Packs: Containing around 1200 to 2500 gems, these packs offer more value for money and cater to players seeking a moderate gem supply.
  • Large Gem Packs: For dedicated players, large gem packs containing 6500 to 14000 gems are available, providing a substantial number of gems at a discounted rate.
  • Special Offers: Supercell occasionally offers special promotions and gem bundles, providing additional incentives for players to make purchases.

While buying gems may be tempting for some, it is essential to explore alternative methods of obtaining free gems in Clash Royale, as described in the following section.

Methods to Obtain Free Gems in Clash Royale (11 Best Tips)

Daily Login Rewards

The first and easiest method to earn free gems is through daily login rewards. Simply log in to Clash Royale each day, and you'll be rewarded with a free chest. In addition to gold and cards, these chests often contain gems, making it a delightful surprise every time you return to the game.

Active Clan Participation

Joining a vibrant and active clan can significantly boost your gem earnings. Once your clan unlocks Clan Wars, you'll have access to the Clan Perk called the Gem Mine. This perk provides a daily supply of gems, which accumulates over time. The more active your clan is in Clan Wars, the more gems you can expect to receive.

Climbing the Achievements Ladder

Clash Royale is brimming with achievements, each offering gems as rewards for completing specific tasks or milestones. These achievements range from unlocking a certain number of cards to winning battles with particular card combinations. Keep an eye on your achievements list, and prioritize completing them to stack up those gleaming gems.

Battle Challenges and Events

The Events tab in Clash Royale regularly hosts special challenges that reward players with gems upon completion. These challenges may involve using specific cards, winning a set number of battles, or achieving specific in-game objectives. Participate actively in these events to maximize your gem earnings and win other fantastic prizes.

Generous Donations

Being a generous member of your clan has its perks! By donating cards to your clanmates, you not only help them progress but also earn experience points. Occasionally, you'll receive gems as a bonus for your kind gestures. Spread the love, donate cards, and watch your gem collection flourish.

Social Media Surprises

Follow Clash Royale's official social media accounts to stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and, occasionally, gem giveaways. Supercell often conducts contests or promotions on social media platforms, offering gems as rewards. Engage with the community, participate in contests, and you might just strike gold, or rather, gems!

App Store/Google Play Credits

While not directly related to the game, engaging in surveys, tasks, or promotional offers that reward you with App Store or Google Play credits can be an indirect way to obtain free gems. These credits can then be used to purchase gems within the game.

Special In-Game Offers

Keep an eye on the shop for limited-time special offers. Sometimes, these offers provide gems as part of the package, along with other valuable items. While these offers may not always be free, they can still offer excellent value for the gems you spend.

Participate in Global Tournaments

Clash Royale occasionally hosts global tournaments with substantial rewards, including gems. Test your skills against players from all around the world, climb the tournament ladder, and reap the gem rewards for your accomplishments.

Refer Friends to the Game

Some mobile games, including Clash Royale, have referral programs that reward players for inviting their friends to join the game. Check if Clash Royale offers such a program, and if it does, share the fun with your friends to potentially earn free gems.

Special Game Events and Anniversaries

During special occasions, such as Clash Royale's anniversaries or major updates, the game developers may host events or giveaways, showering players with gems and other goodies. Stay tuned to in-game announcements for these exciting opportunities.

Remember, while these methods allow you to obtain free gems, it's essential to exercise patience and consistency. Gems will accumulate over time, and with careful management, you can use them to make strategic decisions that enhance your overall gaming experience. Happy gem hunting and may your Clash Royale adventure be filled with endless enjoyment and triumphs!

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Gems Acquisition

  1. Daily Engagement: Log in daily to collect free chests, crown chests, and take advantage of any limited-time offers.
  2. Clan Participation: Join an active clan that consistently participates in Clan Wars to benefit from the Gem Mine perk.
  3. Focus on Achievements: Prioritize completing in-game achievements to earn a significant number of gems over time.
  4. Efficient Card Requests: Request cards from your clan that you need to upgrade your favourite cards, as this earns you experience points and occasionally gems.
  5. Gem Management: Spend gems wisely and avoid impulsive purchases. Save them for special offers or challenges that provide substantial rewards.
  6. Master the Challenges: Participate in special events and challenges to maximize your gem earnings and gain valuable rewards.

What Is Clash Royale Hack, CR Cheats And Clash Royale Gems Generator?

Clash Royale hack, Clash Royale cheats, and Clash Royale Gems generator are all terms used to describe third-party programs that can be used to modify or exploit the game in order to gain an unfair advantage. These programs can be used to do things like:

  • Increase your character's stats
  • Give you unlimited resources
  • Unlock new content
  • Cheat in multiplayer matches

Using these programs is against the terms of service for Clash Royale, and can result in your account being banned. Additionally, these programs can be dangerous, as they may contain malware or other malicious code.


Obtaining free gems in Clash Royale requires consistent effort and smart gameplay, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. By understanding the importance of gems, being aware of gem prices, and utilizing the various methods outlined in this guide, you can efficiently accumulate gems and enhance your Clash Royale experience without breaking the bank. With strategic gem management and consistent dedication, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of gem acquisition in Clash Royale. Good luck, and may your battles be ever victorious!

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