featured - The Best Clash of Clans Base Layouts for Every TH Level (2023 Guide)

The Best Clash of Clans Base Layouts for Every TH Level (2023 Guide)

Last Updated : 2023-09-07

Hey Clashers! Welcome to this awesome guide where we’ll dive into the best base layouts for every Town Hall (TH) level in Clash of Clans. If you’ve been looking for the perfect design to keep your loot safe and give your enemies a headache, you’ve come to the right place!

In Clash of Clans, a well-designed base can make all the difference between winning and losing. So, sit back, relax, and let's explore how to make your base the best it can be.

TH1 and TH2: The Starting Phase

For Town Hall levels 1 and 2, you don't have a lot of buildings or options. At this stage, just focus on the basics. Your main aim should be to protect your Elixir and Gold storage.

Best TH1 & TH2 Layout Tips

  • Place your Town Hall in the center.
  • Surround it with Elixir and Gold storage buildings.
  • Use walls to protect these important buildings.

TH3: Introduction of the Clan Castle

Now you get access to the Clan Castle. This is a game-changer because it lets you store troops for defense.

Best TH3 Layout Tips

  • Keep the Clan Castle near the middle of your base.
  • Put your Elixir and Gold storages close to the Clan Castle.
  • Use your walls to create a strong boundary around these central buildings.

TH4: Time for Some Splash Damage

Town Hall level 4 introduces the Mortar, a powerful defensive building that deals splash damage.

Best TH4 Layout Tips

  • Place the Mortar in the center to maximize its reach.
  • Use walls to create multiple compartments, making it harder for enemies to get to your core.
  • Keep your Archer Towers on opposite ends for a balanced defense.

TH5: Hello, Wizard Tower!

At TH5, you get the Wizard Tower, another building that deals splash damage but at a faster rate than the Mortar.

Best TH5 Layout Tips

  • Like the Mortar, keep the Wizard Tower centrally located.
  • Make sure to place your Air Defense properly to counter air units like Balloons.
  • Build more compartments with walls for added security.

TH6: Balancing Splash and Point Damage

Here you get both an extra Wizard Tower and an extra Mortar. You also get more walls.

Best TH6 Layout Tips

  • Keep both Wizard Towers and Mortars evenly spread but central.
  • Put your Cannons and Archer Towers near the edges but not too close to the walls.
  • Place traps like Bombs and Spring Traps near your defensive buildings.

TH7: Dragons Are Coming

At Town Hall 7, players often use Dragons for attacking. Therefore, it becomes crucial to protect against air attacks.

Best TH7 Layout Tips

  • Position your Air Defenses in a triangle formation around the center.
  • Use Hidden Teslas for a surprise element.
  • Always keep a set of Air Bombs near your Air Defense.

TH8: Get Ready for Golems and P.E.K.K.As

Now things get interesting. Golems and P.E.K.K.As are strong units that you'll often encounter.

Best Layout Tips

  • Use your Bomb Tower near the core to deal with ground units.
  • Position your traps where they can eliminate Wall Breakers.
  • Use your walls to create a maze-like layout, forcing enemy troops to wander around.

TH9: The X-Bow Joins the Battle

The X-Bow is a powerful defensive building that can shoot both ground and air units.

Best Layout Tips

  • Place your X-Bows near the core, protected by walls.
  • Use your Heroes (Barbarian King and Archer Queen) wisely; they are strong defensive units.
  • Position your Air Sweepers to blow enemy air units into traps.

TH10: Enter the Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower is a heat ray that melts through enemy units fast.

Best Layout Tips

  • Place your Inferno Towers near the middle but not too close to each other.
  • Use your walls to protect key areas, especially where you place your Inferno Towers.
  • Make sure to protect your Eagle Artillery—it's another crucial defensive building.

TH11, TH12, and TH13: Endgame

In the endgame stages, you'll get powerful units like the Electro Dragon and defensive buildings like the Giga Tesla and Scattershot.

Best Layout Tips

  • Always update your base layout after you upgrade your Town Hall.
  • Use all available buildings, traps, and decorations to confuse the enemy.
  • Try to predict the enemy's attack strategy and set up your defenses accordingly.

TH14: The Latest and Greatest

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, Town Hall 14 comes along with even more advanced defenses, such as the Pet House and Battle Builder Hut.

Best Layout Tips

  • Make sure to place your Pet House and Battle Builder Hut in strategic positions, typically near the core of your base to maximize their benefits.
  • Always keep upgrading your Heroes, as they're more critical than ever.
  • Place your Poison and Tornado Traps wisely to mess up enemy pathing and disrupt their strategies.

TH15: The Pinnacle Of Defense

Welcome to the future of Clash of Clans—Town Hall 15. This TH level comes with advanced defenses that give even seasoned players a run for their money. Let's break down some key features of a top-performing TH15 war base.

Best Layout Tips

  • Rage Tower at 9 O'Clock: One of the standout features of this TH15 base is the strategic placement of the Rage Tower at the 9 o’clock position. This makes it a high-risk zone for any troop daring to venture there. Whether it's Hog Riders or Golems, they're in for a rough time.
  • Tesla Farm Guards the Monolith: A Tesla farm near the monolith adds an extra layer of protection against key troops like the Archer Queen or Royal Champion. The best part? The Teslas stay hidden until the enemy makes their move, catching them off guard and making them rethink their strategy on the fly.
  • Anti-Blimp Tornado Traps: Thinking of sending a Battle Blimp from the opposite side of the Town Hall? Think again! The Tornado Traps are strategically placed to disrupt any blimp attacks, forcing the enemy to change tactics at the last moment.

By integrating these elements into your TH15 base, you'll create a formidable defense that can withstand multiple meta attacks. Your enemies will have to think twice before attacking your well-guarded village.

General Tips for All TH Levels

  1. Prioritize Defensive Upgrades: Always focus on upgrading your defensive structures before cosmetic items.
  2. Don't Ignore Traps: They may seem insignificant, but well-placed traps can sometimes change the outcome of an attack.
  3. Balance is Key: Don't focus solely on one type of defense; a balanced base is much harder to crack.
  4. Seek Feedback: Share your base layout with your clan and ask for suggestions. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can spot an obvious flaw or area for improvement.


1. How Often Should I Change My Base Layout?

It's a good idea to change your base layout every time you upgrade your Town Hall or significant defensive structures. Also, if you find that a specific type of attack consistently defeats you, consider changing your layout to defend against it better.

2. Can I Just Copy a Successful Base Layout?

While you can certainly gain inspiration from other successful bases, remember that your base should cater to your specific defensive structures and their levels. A layout that works for someone else may not be as effective for you.

3. Should I Focus on Offense or Defense?

A balanced approach is best. While a strong base is crucial, you also need to attack others to gather resources for upgrades. A strong offense often helps you progress faster in the game.


Building a strong base in Clash of Clans is both an art and a science. But with these tips for every Town Hall level, you’re well on your way to becoming a Clash of Clans pro. Remember, the key is to keep improving and adjusting your base as you level up and as new features become available. Happy Clashing!

There you have it! A simple guide to the best Clash of Clans base layouts for every TH level. I hope this guide helps you keep those pesky invaders at bay!

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