featured - A Complete Guide to Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes in Art of War: Legions

A Complete Guide to Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes in Art of War: Legions

Last Updated : 2023-08-30

Are you prepared for an exciting adventure unlike any other? Art of War: Legions, a super popular mobile game, is ready to test your tactical skills and keep you entertained. At the heart of this awesome strategy game are the characters - the brave heroes and warriors who will lead your armies to glory. In this fun guide, we'll introduce you to 5 Rare, 11 Epic, and 23 Legendary characters, sharing details about what makes each of them special and how you can get them.

Rare Characters

Rare characters in Art of War: Legions are your initial companions on the battlefield. These heroes may be common, but they hold the potential to become invaluable assets to your strategy. Let's meet the Fabulous Five:


Hohenheim is a wise character with magical knowledge. He can cast spells that heal your troops, keeping them in fighting shape.


Planck is a versatile hero with a strong sword arm. He deals solid damage to enemies in close combat.


Dante is a skilled warrior known for his agility. He can quickly move around the battlefield and deliver fast attacks to opponents.


Green is a mysterious character with nature-based powers. She can summon vines and thorns to damage and slow down enemies.


Diana is a sharpshooter with exceptional aim. She can shoot arrows with precision, dealing damage to foes from a distance.

These characters each bring their own unique abilities to the game. Select the ones that fit your strategy and lead them to victory in Art of War: Legions!

Epic Characters

Epic characters in Art of War: Legions are a cut above the rest. These characters possess extraordinary abilities and can be game-changers on the battlefield. Here are the Distinguished Eleven:


Kelvins is a brave warrior who swings his sword with strength, dealing solid damage to enemies. He's a reliable front-line fighter.


Illum is a skilled archer who shoots arrows with precision. Her ranged attacks can hit enemies from a distance, making her an excellent choice for long-range combat.


Moshe is a nimble rogue who excels in close combat. He can swiftly move around the battlefield and deliver quick strikes to opponents.


Edward is a fearless knight known for his unwavering courage. He charges into battle with his shield, protecting his allies from enemy attacks.


Kriss is a mysterious character with magical powers. She can cast spells that damage and weaken enemies, making her a versatile support unit.


Ainz is a powerful sorcerer who commands the forces of magic. He can unleash devastating spells, causing immense damage to foes from a distance.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a legendary archer known for his precision and accuracy. He can shoot arrows that deal high damage and can even pierce through multiple enemies.


The Minotaur is a fearsome beast that charges at enemies, trampling and crushing them under its massive hooves. It excels in causing chaos on the battlefield.


Cassandra is a seer who can foresee enemy movements. Her ability to reveal enemy plans and weaknesses is invaluable for strategic play.


Miller is a skilled blacksmith who can repair your troops' armor, increasing their durability in battle. He keeps your team fighting longer.


Genichiro is a master of archery who can perform precise shots with incredible speed. His rapid-fire arrows make him a formidable ranged attacker.

Each of these characters brings their unique abilities to the game, so choose wisely and build a team that suits your preferred playstyle in Art of War: Legions!

Legendary Characters

Legendary characters in Art of War: Legions are the crown jewels of your roster. These heroes are exceptionally rare and possess game-changing abilities. Let's delve into the Twenty-Three Legends:


Drake is a formidable warrior whose strength lies in his mighty sword. When he swings it, enemies tremble as it deals substantial damage. His sheer power can quickly bring down foes, making him a crucial asset on the battlefield.


Ivan is a highly skilled archer with remarkable precision. He wields a bow and arrow, allowing him to shoot down enemies from a distance. Ivan's ability to eliminate foes from afar makes him a valuable asset in long-range combat.


Harrison is a knight of unwavering courage. Armed with a sturdy shield, he can endure a barrage of enemy attacks, making him an excellent defender. His ability to protect your team by absorbing enemy blows is invaluable in challenging situations.


Apollo is a gifted musician who can uplift the spirits of your troops with his melodious tunes. When he plays, your team's morale soars, boosting their combat effectiveness. Having Apollo around means your troops fight even harder.


Poseidon, the god of the sea, possesses the incredible power to summon mighty tidal waves. These waves not only deal damage to enemies but also push them back, creating breathing space for your troops.


Azrael is a mysterious character who excels at stealth. He has the unique ability to vanish and reappear at will, confounding enemies and making it challenging for them to land hits.


Selene, the moon goddess, wields magical arrows that pierce through multiple enemies. Her attacks are highly effective at clearing crowds of adversaries, making her a crowd control specialist.


Wukong, the nimble monkey king, has the power of duplication. He can create multiple copies of himself, confusing enemies and dealing additional damage in the process. His agility and trickery are his strong suits.


Davison is a master of fire magic. He hurls fiery projectiles at enemies from a distance, inflicting fiery damage over time. His long-range attacks can be instrumental in controlling the battlefield.


Zeus, the king of the gods, possesses the awe-inspiring ability to summon lightning bolts. These bolts strike down with tremendous force, devastating any enemies in their path.


Dracula is a vampire with the unique ability to drain the life force from his enemies. When he attacks, he not only damages foes but also heals himself, making him a durable and formidable character.


Chione, the ice queen, can freeze enemies in their tracks with her frosty powers. This stops them from moving or attacking, giving your team a significant advantage.


Nezha, a warrior with a fiery spear, burns enemies over time with his fiery attacks. His persistent damage can wear down even the toughest adversaries.


Mephisto is a sinister demon who can create a dark area on the battlefield. This shadowy zone damages and weakens enemies, making it challenging for them to mount a counterattack.


Horus, with his falcon-like appearance, can swoop down with incredible speed to deal massive damage to a single enemy. His precision strikes make him a lethal assassin.


Arthur is a legendary knight who can create a protective barrier, shielding your team from harm. This defensive ability can be a lifesaver in the midst of battle.


Beowulf is a mighty warrior armed with a giant sword. When he swings it, enemies in his path suffer colossal damage. He's a wrecking ball against foes.


Athena, the goddess of wisdom, enhances the abilities of troops nearby. Her wisdom boosts the strength and defense of your team, making them even more formidable.


Odin, the Norse god, can summon a raven to swoop down and attack enemies from above. This aerial assault catches adversaries off guard.


Aly is a magical fairy with healing abilities. She can mend your troops' wounds, allowing them to fight on despite injuries.


Kraken is a sea monster of immense power. He uses his tentacles to grab and crush enemies, causing significant damage and disruption.


Jinn, a magical genie, can grant wishes that provide powerful buffs to your team. These buffs can turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Seondeok is a wise queen who boosts the attack and defense of your troops. Her strategic guidance empowers your forces to perform at their best.

Obtaining Your Dream Characters

As you start your adventure in Art of War: Legions, you'll find different ways to get these awesome characters to make your team stronger. Here's how you can do it:

  • Free Rewards: You can earn many cool characters by playing the game. Just complete missions, hit certain goals, and take part in events to win these special heroes.
  • In-Game Shop: Some characters are available for purchase using the money you earn in the game. Keep an eye on the shop for deals that show up from time to time.
  • Special Events: Joining in on special events and promotions can give you chances to get rare and epic characters. Sometimes, you'll need to do specific tasks or spend your in-game money.
  • Premium Packages: The super rare legendary characters can often be found in special premium packages that you can buy with real money. These packages usually come with extra in-game money and stuff along with the hero.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Keep an eye out for offers that are only around for a short time. These deals might have characters you can't get anywhere else, making it easier to get powerful heroes.
  • Achievements: When you finish certain in-game goals, you can sometimes get cool characters as rewards. This is especially true for rare and epic ones.
  • Daily Rewards: Simply logging into the game each day can score you some neat stuff, including hero shards or character cards that help you unlock or level up your characters.

Remember that the availability of characters and the methods to obtain them may vary over time as the game is updated and new events are introduced.

Final Thoughts: Forge Your Legend

In Art of War: Legions, the characters you choose to lead your legions can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Whether you favor the reliability of rare heroes, the distinct abilities of epic characters, or the sheer power of legendary legends, your choices will shape your unique strategy.

As you collect and upgrade your heroes, experiment with different combinations and tactics to discover the most effective synergies. And most importantly, enjoy the journey as you conquer foes and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

So, forge your legend, assemble your legions, and may your heroes lead you to glorious victory in the world of Art of War: Legions!


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